The 3 Flavonoids liked to lower risk of Alzheimer’s

Fruits, vegetables, tea consumption linked with lower Alzheimer’s risk – People who had the most flavonols in their diet were about half as likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who consumed the least, the study found.
SOURCE: Neurology, online January 29, 2020.

Overall, people with the highest flavonol consumption were 48% less likely than those with the lowest to develop Alzheimer’s disease during the study period.

In addition, when researchers looked at the four different types of flavonols, they found that the highest intakes of either isorhamnetin or myricetin were tied to 38% lower odds of developing Alzheimer’s, while the highest consumption of kaempferol was tied to a 51% lower risk. Quercetin intake, however, didn’t appear tied to Alzheimer’s risk.

Top Sources of the Flavonoids associated with lower risk of Alzheimer’s
in mg/100 g of food
Data from footnote [1] unless otherwise stated as [2].

331.24 Parsley, dried [2]
43.50 Dill
33.52 Sea-buckthornberry, pure juice
23.60 Kale [2]
12.20 Onion, yellow, raw
9.30 Fennel leaves
4.58 Onion, red [2]

289.59 Capers – 10 g for 29 mg Kaempferol per day
205.48 Saffron
46.80 Kale [2]
26.74 Kale
26.67 Dill
25.15 Broccoli, raw
12.30 Chia seeds, raw [2]
7.84 Broccoli, raw [2]
6.50 Fennel leaves
6.20 Goji berries [2]
4.66 black tea
3.49 green tea

65.21 Walnuts
19.80 Fennel leaves
16.02 Blackcurrant raw
15.92 Blueberry high-bush
14.84 Parsley fresh [2]
13.65 Bilberry bog
11.40 Goji berries [2]
6.73 Carob flour [2]
1.98 Blueberry low-bush

[1] Phenol-Explorer
Complete composition data (2016-12-10). Attribution:
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[2] USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods
Release 3.1 December 2013; Slightly revised, May 2014

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