Hunger Prepping: Best Grain

Hunger Prepping: prepping to avoid hunger; prepping strategies and supplies to survive times of hunger; etc.

The best grain to store for prepping and survival purposes is Amaranth. Here’s a set of posts explaining why. In summary, Amaranth:
* produces 1000 times as much grain as you plant, whereas wheat produces only 30 times as much.
* is a complete protein, high in carbs, contains some fat
* contains lots of minerals and many vitamins
* contains every electrolyte in good proportions, except salt: magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus.
* the leaves are also edible (like spinach) and very nutritious
* the harvested grain does not need to be hulled (like wheat or rice do)

You can survive on Amaranth, water, and salt for months on end. Add some vegetable oil, canned goods, vinegar and spices, and you can survive for years on end.

Store Amaranth as one of your main surivival foods.

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