To feed the world, why not eat bugs?

I’ll tell you why not bugs. The bugs are eating plants for food, and so it will always be more efficient to obtain the nutrients directly from the plants. Also, the bugs burn calories from the food they eat, so carbs are particulaly wasted.

The same calorie issue occurs with livestock. The provide protein and some fat, but very little carbs. Most of the carbs in the livestock feed is wasted; burned as calories by the livestock. The world produces enough carbs for 13 billion persons, yet nearly a billion persons are hungry. Those carbs are going to livestock. You would have the same issue if you used bugs for food.

To feed the world, we need a mostly vegan diet, where we choose the crops that are most efficient producers of protein, fat, and carbs as well as other nutrients.

If financially successful persons in the developed world think bugs are the solution to world hunger, let them eat bugs; the people who are hungry should not have to choose between starving and eating bugs.

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