Why Camelina and Tigernut are Important to Ending Hunger

Camelina Sativa is an oilseed crop. It produces a vegetable oil. Tigernut (Chufa) is a tuber that is high in oil. Whey are these two crops important to end hunger?


Can be planted on top of frozen ground. Seedlings can survive a hard frost.

Can be planted unevenly, yet will give an even harvest. When planted sparsely, each plant branches and produces more seed. When planted densely, you have more plants with less seed on each plant. The result is a predictable harvest even when many seeds fail to germinate, or the seeds are planted unevenly.

Camelina is 35% oil, and can be cold pressed for 25% oil or hot pressed for over 30% of the oil removed from the seed.

It’s high in protein, so the press cake can be used for animal feed.

The oil is high in both essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). The oil has a light color and a light taste without any processing. Press the oil, remove moisture by heating, filter out particulate matter, done. Keeps for 2 years without refrigeration.

The grow out ratio (weight of seed harvested to weight of seed planted) is high, allowing a fast increase in the amount of seed available to plant by performing a crop cycle solely to increase seed quantity for subsequent planting.


Has a high grow out ratio.

Oil has a light color and light taste without any processing, just like Camelina.

Higher production of oil per acre per month than any other oilseed by far, including palm oil.

Press cake can be used for oil seed.

Whole tuber can be used as a food. Has protein, fat, and carbs. Higher production of total calories per month per acre than any other food crop even at moderate yields.

This crop will be the top crop worldwide in the future. It has to be because it produces more food per unit of time per unit of land than any other crop by far. Why did the Irish grow mainly potato in the years just before the potato famine? Because it was the one crop available to them that produced the most food on the least land. Tigernut far outstrips all other crops on that score even with moderate yields. And with development the yields will be insanely high.

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