7 Crops to End World Hunger

1. Chufa (tigernut) – produces more dietary fat and more calories per unit area of land per unit of time than any other crop.

2. Pumpkin with hulless seeds – fat and protein from the seeds; hulless makes them easy to harvest; flesh is high in pro-vitamin A, to prevent vitamin A deficiency blindness.

3. Peanuts – high in fat and protein

4. Amaranth – high in carbs and protein; high yield and easy harvest. High grow out ratio.

5. Nerica – new rice for Africa; shorter growing season; higher production; more resistant to adverse conditions.

6. QPM – quality protein maize; complete protein; higher bio-availability of protein; high yield.

7. Duckweed PC – protein concentrate from duckweed; needs research and development; best current use is for livestock feed. Protein concentrates are the future of protein for the world. Other plants can be used as sources.


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