U.S. soybean harvest: how much soymilk?

U.S. 2014 production of soybeans:
3,968,823,000 bushels times 60 lbs/bushel = 238,129,380,000 lbs

1.0 lbs of soybeans can make 1.8 gallons of soymilk (per Laura Soybeans), which is 230.4 fluid ounces.

Those 238+ billion lbs of soybeans can produce 54,865,009,152,000 fluid ounces of soymilk.

Divide 54,865,009,152,000 fl. oz. by 7.2 billion persons on earth, then divide by 365 days in a year = 20.877 fluid ounces of soymilk per person per day, every day of the year.

US yearly soybean harvest could produce enough soymilk to give every person on earth 20.8 ounces every day of the year. #worldhunger

That’s 18 grams of protein plus 10 grams of fat and 10 grams of carbs (unsweetened version) added, per day, to each person’s diet.

Where is all this food going?!!?


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