List of Fatty Fish – food sources of EPA + DHA

Many health sources cite the benefit of eating “fatty fish” multiple times each week. The type of fat that is desired for good health is long-chain omega-3 fat, esp. the fats called: EPA and DHA. Below is a list of 100 food sources of EPA, DHA, and the related fat DPA, in order by total content of EPA plus DHA. The data is from the USDA National Nutrient Database (SR 26). The amounts of EPA, DPA, and DHA are in grams, per 100 grams of food.

An image file of the list is below. If you would like the list in spreadsheet format, here it is in new Excel (xlsx), old Excel (xls), and comma delimited text (csv) formats:

The data is based on 100 grams of raw food (except for the canned fish, which is 100 grams of drained solids). The data for fish oil is based on one tablespoon of oil.



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