15 Proposed Solutions to World Hunger

These are the 15 solutions proposed by my book, Hunger Math, to alleviate world hunger:

A. In Developed Nations:

1. Grow Food Instead of Biofuel
2. Change the Western Diet
3. Stop Feeding Livestock Corn and Soy
4. Reduce Food Waste in Developed Nations
5. Use Money from Wealthy Nations

B. In All Nations:

6. More Land Devoted to Growing Food
7. Increase Production of Protein and Fat
8. Development and Use of Protein Concentrate
9. Crop Substitution to Increase Macronutrient Production
10. Reduce Manual Labor in Agriculture

C. In Developing Nations:

11. Irrigation to Increase Yields
12. Fertilizer to Increase Yields
13. Philanthrocapitalism for the Development of Agriculture
14. Land Rights for the Most Disadvantaged Populations
15. Education for Children and Adults


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