Does the World Produce Enough Food?

Does the world agricultural system produce enough food to feed the current world population of approximately 7 billion persons? How many total kcal/year and how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates does the world agricultural system produce? As the world population continues to rise, will there be enough food for a population of billions more persons?

If we assume 2740 kcal/person-day, that value is one million kcal/person-year (1.0E+6). The top 50 staple crops in my analysis (Comparison of World Staple CropsPDF summary here) produce 1.044E+16 kcal/year, which is enough calories for 10 garden-oilbillion persons. So the world agricultural system does produce enough calories.

However, the same analysis shows that the top 50 staple crops only produce enough dietary fat for 6 billion persons: 1.82E+15 kcal/year from fat. With a diet of one million kcal/year, and 30% of calories from fat, the total kcal from fat needed by 7 billion persons is 2.10E+15, and the total for 6 billion is 1.80E+15. The world agricultural system produces enough kcal for 10 billion persons, but only enough dietary fat for 6 billion persons.


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