New article on Potential Staple Crops

I’ve just posted a new article:
Comparison of Potential Staple Crops [PDF]
over at:

The article (.pdf format) is an explanation of the data in a set of charts on various possible crop sources of protein, fat, carbs, refined sugar (as a cash crop), and kilocalories. There is an Excel spreadsheet of data on over 120 crops (Chart 1), and a subset of that data with charts showing which crops are most productive in each category:
Chart 2: Protein Crops
Chart 3: Dietary Fat Crops
Chart 4: Carbohydrate Crops
Chart 5: Refined Sugar Crops
Chart 6: Calorie Crops

This article, spreadsheet, and charts is used in my forthcoming book:
Hunger Math: world hunger by the numbers.
The aim of this data analysis is to find the crops that will be most effective in alleviating world hunger.



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