Where are the Photos of Starving Children?

You won’t find that type of photo on this blog or in my book. I write toward the goal of making hunger better understood, and therefore easier to eliminate. I am making an appeal based on reason and data, not emotion. So what you will find here at Hunger Math, in keeping with the site title and tagline, is information that sheds light on the causes and possible solutions to world hunger. No photos of starving children.

Also, world hunger, as a practical matter and in the FAO definition, is distinct from famine. Starving children are not suffering hunger; they are suffering famine. Hunger occurs when people have enough food to survive, but not enough food for good health. Famine occurs when people do not have enough food to survive. Hungry children may have slowed physical development and growth, but they are not starving to death. Those types of photos portray famine, not hunger.

Hunger is usually chronic and endemic; it is a deeply-entrenched and continuous problem. It can be so, because the hungry do not die of starvation. Famine is acute and intermittent. The problems that cause famine may be endemic, but famine itself is not. A population that is suffering from famine either obtains enough food to survive, or they die. So famine cannot be chronic; it cannot continue, in the same population, month after month, year after year.

This blog and the associated book are about hunger, not famine. Those two problems have a different causation, and probably very different solutions.


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